Dark Rear Extension Bridges the Outdoor with the Interior of this London Home

Dark Rear Extension Bridges the Outdoor with the Interior of this London Home

The idea of combining tradition with modernity is a design theme that has become pretty popular in homes across the world. Some do it by turning to vintage design elements that subtly alter the polished finesse of their home while others have it easy as they already live in a heritage home that just needs a modern extension to do the trick. Nestled in a busy area of London, this home falls in the latter category with its new rear extension completely altering it both on the inside and the outside. The extension becomes the heart of the new home with an outdoor fireplace creating a cozy and elegant ‘social zone’.

Dark contemporary extension of the London home crafted in wood

Designed by Gruff Limited, the addition in dark wood perfectly complements the light, concrete backdrop of the house and seems like an extension of the interior that extensively uses bluish-gray in the kitchen and living area. Other than these dark sections and a backsplash in yellow in the kitchen, the house is clad entirely in white. Skylights bring in plenty of natural light and add to the modern, cheerful vibe while smart seating options, minimal décor and nifty shelving turn the house into a contemporary delight. [Photography: Ben Blossom]

Fireplace becomes the focal point of the new outdoor social zone
Light-filled and cheerful interior of the London home
Maximizing space inside the modern home with smart seating
Minimal and modern interior of the extended London home
Shelving around the TV and U-shaped couch for the small sitting room

The massing consciously…

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