Custom Home Builder | Building Your Home

Custom Home Builder | Building Your Home

Can you believe it?  You are finally building your dream home!  After working hard and saving up, you can finally breathe life to countless home ideas you’ve gathered over the years. However, your own creativity may not be enough in order for you to make your dream abode become a concrete reality.

You will be needing the help of skilled professionals in creating a home that perfectly suits you and your family’s lifestyle. Yes, a lot of custom home builder MN companies could do just that, but jumping into a final decision without being well aware of the details involved in home building can do you more bad than good.

It is a big risk to build a house. If you have hesitations and doubts, here are some important questions that you can ask your chosen home builder before you both seal the deal:

Custom Home Builder MN Steps 

1. How long have they been building houses in your area?

History is vital as it reflects the home builder’s track record, as well as shows how trustworthy the company is. Since you are entrusting a very important task to them, it is of  the essence to know how they have been performing in their field and for how long. For instance, Treasured Spaces in Minneapolis has been around since 2000, which means they could be a great option as they’ve been Custom Home Builder MN homes for quite some time now.

Another advantage of home builders that have been around for a while is that they now have a profound understanding of the area’s weather, soil conditions, and local laws, among others. These factors will be very helpful for you in the long run and will lessen the things that you need to worry about because, basically, all bases will be covered and all rules will be adhered to accordingly.


2. Do they have references they can provide you with?

Knowing about clients they worked with in the past is a great way of determining whether or not your chosen custom home builder offers quality work. If it is possible to visit an active worksite of theirs, then you must do it without second-guessing as it can perfectly show you how they do their job.

Related questions that you may ask include:

  • Are they organized?
  • Do they use their time efficiently?
  • What are their regular work hours?
  • Are they easy to work with?
  • Are they flexible to changes?
  • Do they deliver what they have promised on time?
  • Have there been any problems with them in the past?
  • How do they communicate with their employers?


3. Do they have insurance for their workers?

Should something go wrong during the project and one employee does not have insurance, you will be held liable for that person’s injuries. It is a good thing to make sure that the people who will be working for you are properly insured so that you will not have to worry every day that someone might get hurt and should be brought to the hospital, which will incur additional bills to pay.

To make sure that the workers have proper insurance, ask them for the Custom Home Builder MN clearance letter that signifies that their coverage is in place and being rightly paid. 

4. Who will be the primary contact person and will they be on-site at all times?

Clearly, it takes a lot of people to build a house. However, you should only be in contact with one person, the foreman, so as to avoid confusion and delay. The foreman should be the primary contact person to handle the coordination between you and the workers.

Set some rules if needed as to when should this person deliver updates regarding the progress of the construction. Besides, in order to be in constant communication with you, they should also be constantly present in the construction site so that they can properly oversee everything that is being done, and relay to the right people new instructions or changes that you may request.


5. Is there a warranty for the services they will provide?

Your custom home builder should provide at least some type of warranty against defective materials or workmanship problems. Yeah! A common agreement between the custom home builder and homeowner is a warranty that lasts up to 10 years. This agreement is important to have in writing and signed by both parties so that it is legally binding and holds accountability. It should also be clear in the document what the builder will cover, as well as the period of Custom Home Builder MN.


6. What is the target date of completion?

Ask your custom home builder for a comprehensive timeline and the target date of completion. This will help put things in perspective, giving your builder the flexibility to work around those dates and allowing them to prioritize what needs to be completed first. When talking about the timeline, you can also include budget details because money can have an effect on how fast the house can be built. For example, if you have more freedom with your budget, then you can choose materials and fixtures that are easier to install but might cost more. Your projected budget will also have an effect on how many workers can work on the project. The lower the budget, chances are, the fewer men will be able to work, thus the timeline will be lengthened.


Building your dream house may be a big risk, but it also entails great rewards. Just think about being able to live in a house that impeccably complements your taste and personality. Above all else, just think about living in a home for which you’ve been working so hard for years!

With that being said, you need to choose your custom home builder wisely. Know the right questions to ask before signing a contract with them, and never hesitate to ask these questions because, at the end of the day, it’s your dream home that is at stake. With a big project like this, asking the right questions will save you a lot of money and prevent problems in the future.



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