Curved Mirrors and Timber Magic Unleashed at Spectacular Shearwater House

Curved Mirrors and Timber Magic Unleashed at Spectacular Shearwater House

Known as a great place for the idyllic Tasmanian holiday, Shearwater, Australia is a setting where you can find relaxation and the fresh breeze of ocean greeting you at every turn. Not too far away from one of its more scenic beaches and overlooking the stunning Narawntapu National Park in the distance, Shearwater House paints a picture of modernity engulfed in natural beauty. Designed by Cumulus Studio, the residence has been draped on the outside in weathered wood while glass walls and curved finishes provide visual balance and contrast. This is a home you can spot even from a distance!

Spacious house in Shearwater draped in wood and glass

A sheltered entrance welcomes you here and as you step withing its cozy confines, you will find the more private areas nestled on the lower level. It is the first floor that peaks above the undulating landscape that offers stunning views of the scenic beauty outside and holds the kitchen, dining area and living space. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows on all sides along with sliding glass doors connect this level with the large wooden deck outside. A casual beach style takes over in here with wood and white playing the role of protagonists. [Photography: Anjie Blair]

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Glass walls and sliding glass doors bring light into the interior
Light-filled bedroom in white of the Shearwater House
Rear facade of the Shearwater Residence draped in weathered wood
Sheltered entry to the spacious Shearwater House
Spacious wooden deck of the house extends…

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