Criss Cross DIY End Table |

Criss Cross DIY End Table |

Plans and a tutorial to build your own DIY end table.

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Table #2 of the four-table DIY end table extravaganaza! In case you missed it over on Instagram, we’ve been considering new end tables for our living room but couldn’t decide on a style, so I just went ahead and built a few! Here’s the second design – a criss cross DIY end table.

Enjoy the plans!



  • 2 | 2 x 2 @ 8′ (you’ll have quite a bit of extra)
  • 1 | 1 x 4 @ 6′
  • 1 | 1″ x 15″ Edge Glued Pine Round (available at Home Depot or Menards)


  • 4 | 2 x 2 @ 23″ with 5 degree miter (legs)
  • 2 | 2 x 2 @ 6″ with 5 degree perpendicular miter (top frame)
  • 2 | 1 x 4 @ 8 7/8″ with 5 degree perpendicular miter (criss cross)

DIY End table Leg Cuts:

DIY end table cuts

diy end table Top frame cuts:

Once you cut the top frame 2x2s to length, cut a 1 1/2″ half lap in the center of each. I used my miter saw to cut them, but you can also use a circular saw or router.

**In case you missed it, I shared a tutorial to cut half laps with a miter saw over on my Instagram page – make sure to head over there for more tips and tricks like this!

DIY end table cuts

To help visualize, the half laps fit together like this:

DIY end table cuts

If you do not feel comfortable cutting half laps, you can cut each…

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