Cozy Modern Cottage on Norwegian Island Wraps You in Wood and Green

Cozy Modern Cottage on Norwegian Island Wraps You in Wood and Green

Just outside the Norwegian capital of Oslo is Malmøya; a gorgeous island that is surrounded by other small islets and full of greenery. It is the biggest island of the Oslo Fjord and its sandy beaches coupled with rough edges makes it a perfect spot of beautiful holiday homes and cottages. Cabin Harr is one such amazing getaway that is surrounded by pine trees and combines a sense of untamed rustic charm with Scandinavian simplicity and modern aesthetics. Designed by lie oyen architects, the cabin was set up on an elevated base that using slender pillars and this ensures it leaves the native land as untouched as possible.

Pine trees around the cottage give it a sheltered presence

The rocks below and those around the cottage offer natural support to the structure while its elevated presence allows those inside to enjoy the sights and sounds of the pine trees and beyond. Life here feels relaxing and calming with a large wooden deck around the house extending the living area outdoors with ease. A spacious and open living space with kitchen and dining is the heart of the cabin while the smaller bedrooms are tucked away in the rear with ease. Even the bedrooms offer unabated views of the scenery outside and there is plenty to admire with the simplicity of their design.

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Elevated base of the cabin naturally protects the landscape it sits on
Expansive wooden deck outside the cottage allows you to take in nature
Multi-level living area with kitchen and dining space

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