Contemporary take on a Classic Farmhouse Filled with IKEA Décor

Contemporary take on a Classic Farmhouse Filled with IKEA Décor

It is easy to fall in love with a gorgeous home inspired by the classic barn design but features modern comforts and is surrounded by tranquil farms and beautiful scenery. That is exactly what one gets at the House of Beth; a dashing and picture-perfect home in Door County, Wisconsin. Designed by Salmela Architect, the house is a perfect blend of the traditional and the contemporary with a lovely barn-inspired form holding breezy, modern spaces inside. The exterior draped in wood and metal steals the show instantly even as the three pitched roofs give it a silhouette that you simply cannot miss.

House of Beth surrounded by fields in Wisconsin

The section of the house with the tallest pitched roof holds the living area, kitchen and dining space in an open, neutral setting. The second section with the shorter pitched room contains the bedrooms and the bathroom while the final, third unit houses the mechanical equipment. The delineation of space is clear and yet a common style and color scheme links the entire home. White is the color of choice inside with a dark, black band and wooden trims providing the visual accents.

On the outside, the metal roof and wooden body of the residence is accentuated by the use of a splash band of black Richlite that keeps away rain and snow. Life at this charming home seems but tranquil and comfortable as the best of both worlds are brought together in an ergonomic fashion. [Photography: Paul Crosby]

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Gorgeous view of the farmlands…

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