Contemporary Rear Extension to Cramped London Home

Contemporary Rear Extension to Cramped London Home

Space and ventilation are often the two biggest issues that force homeowners to opt for a renovation and that is the case with the small and modest Chivalry Road Residence in South West London as well. Revitalized and given a fresh, modern makeover by Sketch Architects this lovely gorgeous terraced home relies on a glass rear extension along with a change in floor plan that produced a more cheerful interior. The obvious addition in the rear is an idea that is all too common in recent times and it now holds the new kitchen and dining space along with a smart social zone. One notices a wonderful blend of textures and finishes here with steel, glass and brick finding space next to one another.

New kitchen and dining space with brick wall section and cabinets in blue

Another smart new feature is the central double height living area that now feels much more spacious than before. Exposed steel surfaces are smartly combined with bright blue cabinets in the kitchen while full-height glass walls bring ventilation indoors. The basement contains the playroom and the family room now while the ground level holds kitchen, dining and the lounge. Dining and kitchen at the rear sit on a different level to the lounge with the bedrooms, master bedrooms and other personal spaces occupying the top floor. [Photography: Adam Scott]

Small Terraced House in London with modern rear glass extension
Small wooden corner shelf in the kitchen
Fantastic kitchen area and social zone of London home with skylight and brick wall
Exposed brick wall is coupled with steel and glass for…

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