Contemporary Private Home Inspired by Iconic Minimal Art

Contemporary Private Home Inspired by Iconic Minimal Art

There are many things that inspire the design of a house. These often range from the view on offer outside, vernacular design and historical context to choice of the homeowner and their many passions in life. But the Space Pod by Studio B Architecture + Interiors in Boulder, Colorado, takes an entirely different approach as iconic art work from modern masters of minimalism like Frank Stella is the inspiration behind its dark and dashing exterior. The upper level of the house feels sophisticated and minimal with the lower level draped in concrete. Given the nickname of ‘Space Pod’ by the locals, the house is both inviting and futuristic.

Dark slats give the exterior a modern, stylish appeal

Delve beyond the black exterior of the house and one finds an interior that is largely dominated by white. Classic décor pieces like the Eames Lounger sit snugly next to the fireplace and give the residence an air of timelessness. Minimalism is the key design force even here with clutter being kept down to a bare minimum. Natural canopy around the house gives those inside an increased sense of privacy. Smart decks and balconies around the house allow for a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay.

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Fireplace and classic Eames rocking chairs in the living room
Lower level of the house is used as garage and shed
View from the street of the Space Pod
Canopy around the house offers it natural privacy
Contemporary minimal home in Boulder inspired by modern art

The lowest level of the house…

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