Common Plumbing Issues | Maintenance

Common Plumbing Issues | Maintenance

Plumbing is a system by which fluids are transported from place to place with proper maintenance and control. Well, the term ‘plumbing’ is mainly used for water and in every house water supply is controlled by plumbing. Be it to supply water to every floor of a building or to supply water to the whole city; plumbing is an integral part of handling water and supplying it to every door. Plumbing is all about pipes, valves, taps and their fixtures.

We know that water erodes materials if they come in contact with it regularly. In the same way, these plumbing fixtures also get eroded by water. So it is quite natural to have plumbing problems in every house. Some issues can be fixed by ourselves, but the critical ones are hard for us to solve. So for those problems, experts are needed. There are many plumbing companies like Trident Plumbing that will help you with your plumbing issues and solve them by providing you with solutions.

This article is about ten common plumbing problems that occur in every house, and it can be avoided with proper maintenance.

Toilets and sink clogs are a common problem that happens widely. This problem can be overcome by yourself with the help of a plunger. Plumbers usually say that plunger is a friend of theirs. It is a rubber-like suction cup held with a stick which is used to prevent clogging in sewer pipes.

There are two types of plungers found in the market: low-quality ones and high-quality ones. It’s preferable to buy high-quality plungers for better results. For this kind of problems, a plunger is an optimum solution.


A very common mistake that every homemaker do is tightening the fixtures or tap with pressure. Plumbers says,” Hand-tight is enough to stop water flow”. If you stop the bolts, pipes, taps, screws tightly using pressure then after some time it gets damaged.

So, except for doing so, if you start to maintain your system from the very beginning by taking care of the fixtures and handle it gently, then the durability of your plumbing fixtures will be longer.


It seems to be easy for some homeowners to solve plumbing issues by changing pipes whenever any problem appears. But for your kind information, it can cause greater damage and create more trouble. Fixing anything like an amateur can cost you more than you expect. You can change smaller fixtures like faucets, toilet bowl-caps, handles etc. with ease.

But if the problem is of pipes, then you should not try to handle this, without prior knowledge of it. This will risk your house’s good plumbing condition. So you should leave it upon the professionals who can fix it by their experience, technique and proper tools.


Leaking pipes are common sewage problems which are seen widely. Through those leaked areas, water flows out, and if not resolved, then it can drain out all the water that you require throughout the day. It also wastes a lot of water.

A stop can be put on this by using Teflon tapes or commonly called ‘plumber’s tape’. This heavy-type of sticky tape material can effectively prevent leaky pipes.


Most people don’t know where the shut-off valve of their house lies. Well, it is very important to know…

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