Cold Weather Must-Haves For Her (+ a special limited time discount!)

Cold Weather Must-Haves For Her (+ a special limited time discount!)

I met some of the people behind Lolë in April and I instantly fell in love with the brand. Not just because they create extremely high quality outdoor wear, but because they are so passionate about spreading health, fitness and wellness to everyone, especially women! And Lolë continues to do so by creating amazing clothing for the every day woman, by putting together meet-ups for the health conscious in their communities, and promoting serenity through their Lolë White Tour where everyone meets in all white to meditate together. They’re pretty damn rad.

And as the brand grows and each season goes by, they continue to up their game in both their activewear and their athleisure. I first went to Lolë to find new workout clothes, but I quickly figured out they had way more to offer than just that. They have sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, water bottles, and now they even have jeans! And the jeans are FREAKING AMAZING. No joke. I looooove them. And my husband even mentioned how much he liked them, too, which is a big deal. He’s not one for commenting about clothes.

So today on the blog, I’m sharing all my Lolë favorites whether you’re looking for activewear or just looking to feel comfortable and beautiful in your every day look! And since the temperatures continue to drop, I’m sharing how I layer no matter what outfit I’m wearing that day! Aaaaaaand I have a special discount for you. BUT ACT FAST because this discount ends in 2 days!! And if any of these items are on your holiday wish-list, don’t forget to tell your loved one so they can…

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