Cold Weather Activewear Prepped To Take On Freezing Temps

Cold Weather Activewear Prepped To Take On Freezing Temps

I’m not one to leave the house when snow starts to fall to the ground. I like being warm. I’d much rather be warm than cold. BUT I live in a state where in snows. And I also live in a state where there are mountains within driving distance. And some of these mountain towns are worth trekking in the snow for. So instead of staying indoors last weekend and baking instead of staying active, I packed up the car with my sister-in-law and we headed to Crested Butte to explore the cutest little mountain town ever!

Before we left, I did a little shopping at Nordstrom to stock up on activewear that would keep me warm and comfortable throughout the trip. I’m a person who lives in activewear. Even after filming cooking videos all day yesterday in dresses and jeans and cute tops, as soon as the videos wrapped, I IMMEDIATELY put on workout clothes. I feel my most attractive and happiest when I’m wearing activewear so it’s my daily apparel. And Nordstrom has some of the best workout clothes like Nike, Zella, The North Face, Alo and Patagonia so you can stay warm and cozy while staying fit this winter!

PaleOMG Cold Weather Activewear Prepped To Take On Freezing Temps

And this outfit kept me comfortable when I was driving for 5 1/2 hours in a white out snowstorm, almost sliding off the road and barely able to see the car in front of me. We were lucky to make it home safe and sound, and then I was able to go straight to the gym in this outfit to burn off some stress. It was quite the ordeal. But I’ll be sharing all of that in my Crested Butte breakdown blog post tomorrow!! For now, it’s time to share some of my cold weather…

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