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If you’re coming to this post, I’m guessing you’re thinking I have some badass giant closet to show you. Sadly, I’m not some instagram influencer with a walk-in closet bigger than most people’s homes. You can’t walk into my closet and be greeted by a white marble palace with multiple islands filled with drawers of expensive jewelry. Yeah no. I live in a 1950’s home with small rooms and small closets. But since part of my job is creating new outfit inspiration for you guys, our shared small bedroom closet just wasn’t cutting it.

In our home we have 3 bedrooms. When we first moved in, my husband wanted both of those rooms to be guest bedrooms. But here’s the thing – we don’t have that many friends to come stay with us that we actually need 2 guest bedrooms. And since babies are not on the agenda, I pushed for an office in one of our guest bedrooms. Push and you may receive. That sounds weird. Well I got that second bedroom for my office and I set up shop next to the window to take my food photos and store all my plates, forks, bowls, glasses and everything else for photos. Problem was, that room quickly started turning into a second closet for clothing, shoes and accessories that were still in stock online to share with you guys. With time, that room became a NIGHTMARE. At one point my friends stopped by while I was shooting food photos, getting outfits prepped, and prepping recipes for cooking videos…and they saw my closet + office. They saw the true madness of the Cloffice.

And how did they make me feel? They made me feel…

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