Classic English Home with Brick Façade Acquires a Nifty Modern Extension

Classic English Home with Brick Façade Acquires a Nifty Modern Extension

Giving those old, dark and dreary homes a modern facelift using a rear extension is arguably the most popular way to revitalize classic homes without disturbing their street façade too much. Nestled in a quiet little neighborhood of Crawley, Hampshire, England, the Beckett House follows a similar path, as Adam Knibb Architects expanded the existing living space and refurbished the interior completely by removing the existing workers cottage and bringing the outdoors inside. The result is a wonderful fusion of past and present as brick, polished modern surfaces, wood and glass come together in a graceful fashion.

One can only see a hint of this modernity from the street, but as you step inside, the ambiance of the house moves completely away from its more traditional brick-clad exterior. White is the color of choice inside, with a dash of gray adding refinement to the setting, even as a flood of light from the new living area flows all the way to the front section. The open living space on the lower level also houses a smart dining area and a contemporary kitchen with cabinets and a central island in white. Despite the obvious lack of color indoors, it is the garden and woodlands outside that make up for this shortage as they become a visual part of the interior.

New living area and kitchen of the renovated British home

Outdoor sitting space and deck become an extension of the living area

View of the garden and woodlands from the lower level living space

Open design of the new lower level brings sunlight into the contemporary kitchen in white

Sleek and stylish staircase leading to the master bedroom on the first level

The first floor of the existing house holds two bedrooms and a bathroom, while the distinct timber box sitting atop the new extension contains the master suite. Uncomplicated in its approach and cheerful, this smart residence feels like a bridge between two contrasting eras….

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