Circular Saw Dust | Circular Saw Dust Collection & Uses Tips

Circular Saw Dust | Circular Saw Dust Collection & Uses Tips

Circular Saw Dust Collection & Uses Tips For Woodworker

If you are a woodworker or DIY enthusiast it is needless to say that a circular saw is the best friend for your every work or DIY project. Not to mention, a circular saw is a powerful tool that makes the woodworking project more convenient and productive.

But that said, you are going to produce a lot of saw dust as it cuts through the wood using a toothed blade. Likewise, It gets real messy in your workshop with a huge amount of byproduct generated every day.

While many people like to get rid of these dingy stuff, as soon as they can, you can be the differentiating one by making the proper reuse of them.

Because wood is a precious gift of nature. Even the shavings and dust of it have lots of usages.

Now, you might be wondering how this messy circular saw dust become something significant?

Don’t panic, just take a deep breath and go through this entire article, as today I will share with you the 15 smart ways to reuse your circular saw dust.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the business and take an in-depth look at the ways to reuse the circular saw dust.

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1.Cleaning Your Floors

Saw dust has great usage when it comes to the point of cleaning floors.

Someone can easily clean his garage and workshop surface with wood shavings without the cunning dust. Just pour some water onto a saw dust pile and brush it over any concrete floor with a push broom. It removes fine grimes and dust which might go up in the air and cling to your fabrics.

Wood shavings and sawdust are highly absorbent and thus they easily soak up any liquids, blood, and butches. When it has done its job, nicely bush up and sweep away. And you are all done.

Because of the heavyweight of the substance, it won’t scatter around in the air when sweeping. For that reason, air will not get polluted when you are cleaning your floor with wood shavings.

Saw dust also alleviates the risk of slips and falls by proving some grip on the surface. Another benefit of saw dust is that it’s all-natural and eco-friendly. Click, you will find excellent reviews of top miter saws with the best blade guards and visibility.

Saw Dust

Saw Dust


2.Using In The Garden

Saw dust is inexpensive and readily available and it has many helpful usages in the garden. Though it has a dire reputation of snitching nitrogen from the plants, the reality is, it supports the growth of your plants by helping your soil to improve.

If you are considering mushrooms on your own, then you can be highly benefited from sawdust. Mushrooms rely on other organic materials rather than chlorophyll for their food. Logs are perfect when it comes to the environment of nature, but in the garden, you can plant mushrooms using a mixture of sawdust and woodchips. Thus you can cultivate mushrooms quite decently using waste materials like wood shavings.

To improve the texture and organic matter of your soil, add some sawdust in it. Saw dust works great in moist, heavy soils as it is slow in the decomposing cycle. Using this simple technique you can increase the fertility of your soil which will result in more yields from your plants.

Moreover, saw dust can be used in compost production.  It can be added in alternating layers to balance out green materials like clipping grass and food in waste. The transformation of raw saw dust into finished compost takes around one year. Compost made using saw dust is more eco-friendly and beneficial for plants.

Plants like blueberries, strawberries, conifers, and rhododendrons are acid-loving and saw dust is acidifying to the soil. Thus saw dust helps to grow these plants properly which will increase the return from your garden.

saw dust uses

saw dust uses


3.Fill the Holes

Small holes or gashes in furniture are always annoying for the homeowners. It takes to spend money on buying the materials and for tinkering purposes. Having said that, if your wooden furniture and walls have gashes or treenail holes, sawdust and glue can be your go for a solution. Because you can be benefitted by using your sawdust to fill those holes and gashes in no time.

Mix glue and sawdust until the thickness is fairly dense and you will get the perfect DIY filter. Make sure that you grind your saw dust into a fine, floor like firmness to get the best result.

Saw dust solidifies the glue, so you don’t have gross stains going down the wall and it also suits the color of the wood, so the patch isn’t too visible. Let the blend to dry and then level the surface using sandpaper. So next time when you see any holes in your wooden stuff, don’t just run into the shop rather check out whether you can fix them yourself using saw dust and save a good amount of penny.


circular saw dust collection

circular saw dust collection

4.Demolish Weeds

There could be many annoying plants in your garden. We refer to them as weeds that are detrimental to our plants in the garden. That way they need to be removed in order to keep the garden clean and healthy.

Wood shavings or in order words sawdust are one of the most economical components to use in the garden to get rid of these weeds.

But note that there are different types of wood shavings available, some are beneficial, while some are harmful to the plants. For instance, walnuts are toxic for most of the plants in your garden. So to see the result, you can sprinkle wood shavings anywhere you want and get rid of most of the disturbing plants from the garden.

To do this, however, you should be mindful of the fact and stay on the safer side by carrying out a little research before using saw dust in the garden. It will help you to determine which saw dust to use and for which purpose.




5.Kitty Litter

If you have pets like cats and rabbits you definitely purchase commercial kitty litter frequently. Saw dust can be a good alternative for this. It will save your pocket and the fact that saw dust is easily available, you aren’t in any hassle to get it.

Saw dust absorbs the mess fast that your cat makes regularly which is quite a good reason to use wood shavings. Moreover saw dust leave a wood scent which is quite pleasing for the cat. Litters created from wood shavings are easy to handle and compostable which are great for the soil in your garden.

Moreover, wood shavings are compostable and biodegradable, which makes them eco-friendly.

Another great thing about using saw dust litter is that it is lightweight which makes it very easy to clean and comfortable. Apart from that cats are more comfortable with wood pellets than commercial litter purchased from the store.


6.Use as Pet and Livestock Bedding

Usually, bedding for the pets and livestock should be absorbent, clean and pleasant. By using organic materials ammonia volatilization can be decreased, which by turn will improve the air in the housing facility.

If you have got pets and livestock, you may be using paper bedding for them. The problem is, it costs a good amount of money to purchase paper bedding. Apart from that, they aren’t that durable , that’s why you have to restore them on a regular basis. Wood shavings, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to get.

Another good thing about dust and wood shavings bed is that they are not likely to get infected by harmful bacteria. For this instance, it is advised to use clean and dry saw dust while making a bed for pets to ensure cleanliness and absorbability.

You can also pump up your pet bed by putting together the saw dust to the fiberfill. While using wood shaving for bedding, use only aspen shavings.

Avoid using other shavings like pine, softwood or cedar as they might harm your pet. If you are not sure about what kinds of wood shavings you are using, ask someone knowledgeable, otherwise avoid this to be safe from any unusual risk.


7.Make a Fire Starter

acacia wood is fire resistant

acacia wood is fire resistant

Many of us aren’t fire people and often struggle to start or keep the fire going. When the weather condition is bad, things get worse. When rains fall, dry things like leaves, logs get weight, you can use sawdust and wood shavings to make a fire starter instead of going to shop and buy fire stuff.

Make sure that you have got sawdust, old candles, muffin tin and double boiler close to your hand. Then In a muffin tin, put all your saw dust and melt your unused or old candles in a double boiler. While melting the wax, make sure to keep the heat a bit low so that it liquefies gently.

There are some people who use pellet stoves and fireplaces as supporting warmth source. While the remaining wood shavings help to keep the home fire burning, you should be careful about the fact that saw dust can take a pile of it to feed the fire as they burn quickly.

Now that you have melted all your old candles, you need to pour them in your wood shavings. Then take your time to let them cool down for an hour or two. Finally, store this fire starter in a safe place for later use.


8.Hand Cleaner

Saw dust can be a great hand cleaning tool particularly after doing filthy work. In such a case, your hands will get dirty with mud, grease, liquids, oils, etc. and saw dust could be your easy solution to get them cleaned.

For this, you can…

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