Childhood Dream Turned into a Luxury Getaway

Childhood Dream Turned into a Luxury Getaway

As kids, we all loved treehouses. They were the exciting little escape into a fantasy world where we could play high above the ground and plot our adventures. As adults, some of that adventurous spirit still lies within us, but now it’s mixed with a dream of a luxurious home and a peaceful getaway. When we combine these philosophies we get a modern version of a treehouse – a beautiful house among the trees that can serve as a permanent residence or your favorite vacation spot. Check out some of the most inspiring modern treehouses down below!

Blending Modern and Natural

A treehouse is closely connected to the nature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t carry a strong modern look that blends with the natural elements and creates a harmonious setting that highlights the best of both!

Treehouses have some of the most amazing views! It would be a shame to limit yourself to only watching the natural surroundings from the deck or a small window. A treehouse with glass walls doesn’t just offer a fantastic view in all directions, it’s also incredibly spacious and luminous! [Casa Barthel Treehouse]

This beautiful wooden treehouse by Coldwater Gardens is perfect for the natural environment it is set in, the polished look and dynamic design the only two features showcasing its modern style.

A unique vertical design is ideal for a house that’s built around a tree! It brings an element of nature onto every floor of the home where the transparent wall offers a 360° view of the landscape. [via Ufunk]

A house that combines the wooden exterior with…

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