Chic and Cozy French Villa with vivid interiors

Chic and Cozy French Villa with vivid interiors

French Villas have a “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to their overall look and feel. Displaying a mix of traditional and modern, the residence was created to offer a unique sense of modern traditionalist style that defines French villas today. Chic interiors and well-kept exteriors convey a feeling of serene fantasy, brought down to earth by the clean, modern lines displayed by the architectural and design accents. Turquoise and pink were used to vividly represent a joyful lifestyle. Colourful accents throughout the house contribute to a fine atmosphere that leaves guests happy and relaxed when leaving the inhabitant’s home. Even the entrance from the street has something special: a long and narrow street leads you to the classy entrance that shelters something spectacular and unexpected. I wish I was there, surrounded by colours, fresh air and bright interiors.

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