Check Your Balance Before You Leave

Check Your Balance Before You Leave

The practice of lowering credit limits on card holders across the board has affected many customers with good credit. Since then, they have learned to be more aware of their credit limit. Making these tasks a common activity every week before you shop and use your card will help.

Check Your Limit

Make it a point to check your credit limit regularly. Once per week is not too much. If you have Internet access, you can view it when it is convenient. Tie it into another online activity that you already perform on a regular basis, such as checking your email. Or, most card issuers allow you to check your balance and other items via a phone call to their toll free customer service number. Put the number on speed dial and use it often.

Pay Down Your Balance

Work hard to pay down your balance and keep it as low as possible. While this will not keep the creditor from lowering your limit, it will help if they do by making sure that you have enough of a ceiling to absorb such a decrease.

Protect What You Have

Learn to use your credit card wisely and pay more than the monthly minimum which will help protect what you do have and make it easier to manage your balances.

Smart card holders adjust their activities to make sure they are not caught in the tow of card issuers across the board adjustments to accounts. The days of running your credit card accounts on auto-pilot are over.

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