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Change of Seasons – Most Popular Seasons

People have asked what season I prefer, now that I have been here in the city for a sufficient amount of time, but I can never give a definite answer. The truth is, I love all of the seasons, not one more than the other. Could I attribute that to the fact that before I moved here, seasons were more of an imaginative, abstract thought than a legitimate concept? Undoubtably. Summer nonstop for the past two decades, while warm and comforting, hasn’t allowed me to experience life to the absolute fullest like I would have liked to.

There is something promising about the seasons, that no matter how difficult life might be during one, it will come to an end, and with that will come a brand new beginning. No matter what, the seasons continue, not stopping for anyone or anything, no matter what, a sort of reassurance that life will do the same.

Coming from the perspective of a writer, perhaps the most beautiful thing about seasons is growth. We see the trees change colors, lose their leaves, and then grow new leaves, along with flowers and fruit, and then the cycle happens all over again. As we’re watching this, we undergo the same changes. Take me, for example. During the late summer months last year, I started to change in ways that no one ever expected, changes that have stuck to this day, and become a huge part of who I am. Then, I lost everything. Well, that might not be true, but that is sure how I felt felt, alone and barren, with an unshakable feeling of emptiness. I felt as vulnerable and exposed as a tree with bare branches, nothing to cover the raw emotions that I held deep in my core, and wore on my face like foundation. It took a while for the spring to come, but it did, and that was the most promising season I could have ever asked for. Rather than depending on others, I learned how to grow leaves once again, and I flourished more in that single season than I had in several months time. I felt my branches soaring to new heights, with an abundance of lush green leaves, and rather than being cold and barren, I was growing and full of life. Adorned with a crown of wild flowers, I bloomed into someone who was beautiful, as capable, and saw themselves as such, with both new leaves and ones that I recognized from long ago. Now, I’m simply being, welcome to change because I know that it will come face to face with me sooner or later, whether I want it to or not. Then, a similar cycle will repeat itself, and then again, and then again. Maybe not all at the same time, and some seasons are longer than others, but we all experience and live out the four seasons within ourselves, each a fundamental piece to who we are now, and who we will become later on in life.

Summer was divine. Summer brought about some positive changes, some much-needed rest and relaxation, some time with two of the most important people in my life, and even if only for a few days, that alone made it one of the best seasons thus far. Along with that, it brought me the courage that I needed to make a bold career move, one that I have had my eye and heart set on for far too long, but never took action on. Give me a few months time, and I have a feeling I will look back on that leap of faith and smile, because it will have been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

In all of the changes these past seasons have brought me, and in this new outlook I have on life, I have decided to get out and live life rather than go through the motions. Sunshine does not come without rain, nor do magnificent moments come in life without the terrible times, but I have learned to take both with stride and embrace them, for I come out stronger afterwards. Without seasons, this world of ours is rather bleak, we need stimulation and change to inspire that within ourselves, and that is a realization I won’t soon forget or take for granted. Life is meant to be lived, experienced, pain is meant to be felt as much as happiness is, and rest assured no matter what pain the seasons put you through, there will always be sunshine and flowers that follow. Sun will never fail to shine for those who look for it, positive changes are an ever-present part of our lives, and fresh, new blooms are always right around the corner.

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