Cellulite Busting Exercises

Cellulite Busting Exercises

Do you thinkcellulite like me, that everything that passes your lips travels south and rests comfortably in your hips and thighs? If you don’t suffer with cellulite then you might think I’m making this up. Sadly, I’m not: many women suffer from fat excess being stored in this area: such women are often said to have a pear-shape.

Dealing with cellulite is tough, but it’s not impossible: you can select exercises which target it for example, and a change in diet can help too. Cutting out fried and high-fat foods and replacing them with high fiber foods should be one of your first tasks when you try to deal with cellulite.

Exercises to Tackle Cellulite in the Thighs

Before starting any exercises you should make sure you do a proper warm up routine. Any cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy should do it: walking or jogging for example. Not only are these two good for warming up, because they emphasize thigh-work so much they’re also good at tackling cellulite straight away.

Here are some other targeted exercises:


You can do lunges with or without weights. Try and begin with a set of 20 repetitions and gradually build up until you can manage three whole sets. To begin, stand so your feet are apart and with your right foot before you so the right thigh is parallel with the floor. Lower your butt until your right knee is close to the floor; do it slowly so as not to strain yourself. You should be on the guard for your knees buckling forward and make sure that your right knee doesn’t go beyond your right foot. Slowly reverse the movement and repeat on the other side.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are great for the outside of your thighs. First, lie on one side and stack your legs one on top of the other. Now, bend your lower elbow to support the neck with your hand. Put your upper hand flat on your stomach, at waist level. Keeping both legs stretched out, lift the upper leg at the hip and raise it as high as you feel you can manage. In a slow reversal bring it back down. Repeat in sets of 12, remembering to turn over so you exercise both legs.

Seated Leg Raise

These are terrific for tackling cellulite and work the thigh front. Sit down on a good, steady chair, ideally with arm rests. Now, lift the right leg from the knee until the leg is straight and hold the position for half-a-minute. Repeat on each side.

Seated Bridge

Now we’re going to tackle the back of the thighs. Again, we’re sitting in a chair with somewhere to rest your arms. Put your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent to 90 degrees. Now, raise your hips up and try to take all your weight on the hands. Try and feel the muscles of the core of your body tensing to help support you. Lift until you are in a bridge shape and try and hold for half-a-minute. Slowly lower yourself back down and repeat.


This is the best exercise to tackle cellulite. Stand with your feet under your shoulders and simply lower your butt until the thighs are parallel with the floor. Again, take care that your knees aren’t in danger of damage. Hold the position for half-a-minute before slowly returning to the start position and repeating.

Diet and Exercise in the Cellulite War

Use the above exercises as the basis for your program and then try and work in some Pilates and Yoga moves as well. As you get stronger, try doing each exercise with weights, so it will build strength as well. Resistance bands too are worth trying, as are balance exercises using the stability ball.

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