Celebrating International Women’s Day with My Own Female Entrepreneur Story

Celebrating International Women’s Day with My Own Female Entrepreneur Story

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Being a woman is really freaking cool…but I didn’t always think that. I grew up seeing boys and men be given more opportunities and thought that’s just how it was. And I’ve even spent many of my adult years being talked down to because I am a woman. But with each year, with each new opportunity I have created for myself, and with each step of confidence I have written into my own storyline, I have to come to see that being a woman with a voice is so incredibly powerful.

International Women’s Day is today on March 8th so I thought it would be the perfect time to tell my story of how I turned my own passion into my career. As I quickly creep onto my 30th birthday, I think back to growing up and I wish I would have had a female mentor to show me that anything you put your mind to is possible. I wish I would have known someone who was confident and strong and persevered through hard times to create their own life story. So that’s what I hope to be for other women out there. I hope to have a story that resonates with another woman. And I hope to be a strong, confident woman who empowers other women to work hard every single day, no matter the struggles and obstacles that get in their way.

Becoming a full time blogger was never something I had planned. I didn’t even know what a blog was until the day before I created PaleOMG. I was simply a CrossFit coach with CrossFit Games competition dreams…who really, I mean REALLY, liked to eat. And since I wanted to compete, I had to…

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