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Carnivorous Diet: Eat Like a Cave Man and Lose Weight

The cave man diet, is a diet that has been around for centuries but has now been adapted for modern times. The carnivorous diet is supposed replicate the diet of the cave men who were hunter gatherers. Therefore the diet consists of mainly the freshest meat products and organic vegetables.

Concept of the Diet

The carnivorous diet is very similar to the so called low carbohydrate diet, because it consists of eating large volumes weight lossof fresh fish and meat accompanied by organic vegetables. The point of this diet is to eat everything as fresh as possible. As in the era of the cave man, they would hunt for their food, kill it, cook it and eat it straight away. They rarely preserved their food, therefore this diet recommends you don’t buy your food in bulk, instead you should think about buying for groceries in small quantities. The diet does not allow for sugar, or complex carbohydrates such as bread, potato or pasta. Some advocates of the carnivorous diet say that you should try and mimic the conditions a cave man had to endure, for example restricting food intake for an entire day and then eating a large meal towards the end of the day. This is supposed to be similar to when the cave man would hunt for a whole day before he managed to find anything to eat.


Unlike some diets, this diet requires that you exercise on a regular basis, working out in order to mimic the fitness regime of the cave man. This would normally consist of running quickly for a short period and resting while they waited for their prey. However in modern times we don’t hunt for our food, so a carnivorous diet exercise regime would normally be something similar to circuit training.

The reasoning behind it

Advocates of the carnivorous diet, put forward that in the stone age the inhabitants were built with plenty of lean muscle and were extremely naturally fit due to hunting their prey. Meat contains plenty of vitamin b12 along with iron and zinc, making it very good for building lean muscle.

The carnivorous diet has been adapted over the years with variations of a similar concept, sprouting new diets such as the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. Both of which promote the restriction of complex carbohydrates and the inclusion of larger volumes of lean meat and fish accompanied by a variation of vegetables.

Although these kinds of diets have been praised and some scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, they have also been heavily criticized. Stating that a diet high in fat could be detrimental to the health causing all kinds of problems such as heart disease and cholesterol problems. However it seems that with every diet regime comes some kind of criticism so it up to you as an individual to decide which path you would like to take in terms of diet and fitness.

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