Buying Drill Bits | Tips For Buying Drill Bits

Buying Drill Bits | Tips For Buying Drill Bits

What’s the first thing you look in a Buying Drill Bits? Well, it all depends on the job! With a huge number of settings, it will be difficult to choose the right one for your home improvement solutions. Let’s give it a try and find out what we could do best for you.

Best Tips For Buying Drill Bits

There are many mistakes we make when purchasing a drill and drill bits. Here are some of them:

  1. The hammer setting: We should never use the hammer setting to drill wood, steel, and tiles of any kind. This will severely damage the drill or hole being drilled.


  1. The wrong type of drill bits: Stone, asphalt, masonry, blocks are abrasive. So they will damage your metal/steel drill bits on any of these materials.


  1. Too much/not enough pressure: While using the drill bit you should keep in your mind that the pressure you are exerting on drill bit should be constant. Too much and too little pressure can cause damage to the drill bit.


  1. Piloting: There are kinds of materials like masonry and tiles that need no pilot holebut other materials need to be piloted (pre-drilled) the splitting the material.


  1. Lubricant: Lubricant is one of the requirements of drilling steel or other metals Lubricants are used to reduce pressure and heating while drilling. Diamond and tile drills also need to be a lubricated.


  1. Patience: Patience is required while drilling a large hole or cutting through masonry or breeze blocks.


There are many drill bits in the market with different coatings such as:

  1. Black oxide: It is not an expensive material. The counting of black oxide provides heat and corrosion resistance and lubricity.


  1. Titanium nitride: It is a very hard ceramic material that is generally used in high-speed steel bits. It extends the cutting life of drill bit by three to four times.


  1. Titanium aluminum nitride: It extends the life span of drill bit five or more times.


  1. Titanium carbon nitride: The counting of Titanium carbon nitride used in high-speed drill bits increases the cutting life by five to six times. It is much harder than titanium nitride.


  1. Diamond powder: it is most often used in cutting tile stones and other hard materials. Large amounts of heat is generated by friction so, the users have to water-cool regularly to prevent damage of the workpiece.


  1. Zirconium nitride: The materials with this coating are mainly used to design the craftsman brand names on some tools.


  1. Ai-chrome silicon nitride: It is made up of alternating nanolayer and developed by using a vapour deposition technique. It is a super hard ceramic material which performs a better than other coated drills.


  1. Boron – aluminum-magnesium: It is a super hard ceramic coating used in composite drilling.

I hope this article will provide you with some good information to consider when buying drilling bits.



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