Budget Makeover of Abandoned Spanish Home Provides Affordable Housing

Budget Makeover of Abandoned Spanish Home Provides Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a major global concern and architects across the planet are coming up new solutions that bring housing within reach of a larger section of people. This obviously takes different shapes in different corners of the globe and each manifestation depends on available materials and existing building constraints. Nestled on one of Spain’s most popular tourist destination Mallorca, the St. Miquel 19 Refurbishment designed by Carles Oliver is a project that gives life to an abandoned, old home on a restrictive budget. Instead of tearing down the existing home and its jaded walls, € 18,000 was utilized to give it a modern and sensible facelift.

Casual lighting above the living area

Part of the charm of this unique makeover is the way in which the new home still proudly showcases the marks of its storied past with exposed brick and cement wall sections finding a place next to more polished, modern finishes. € 12,000 of the total budget were used to improve the energy-efficiency, insulation and structural integrity of the old house while € 6,000 went towards giving the interior a contemporary transformation.

With sweeping, open spaces, plenty of natural light finding its way through, a splash of greenery and curated décor that places emphasis on organization and minimalism, this altered Spanish home is all about efficiency at every turn! [Photography: José Hevia]

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Revamped interior is a careful mixture of old, exposed elements and modern finishes

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