Budget Family Home Combines Classic with Contemporary

Budget Family Home Combines Classic with Contemporary

It is a rare blend that is now increasingly becoming common in homes across the world – a heritage façade combined with a contemporary rear extension and an interior that is contemporary. The St Kilda East House is no different with its fabulous design that brings together two contrasting worlds. Classic and modern site comfortable next to one another in this residence built by Taylor Knights. Beyond the obvious aesthetics, the home also gives its residents the added advantage of being built on a stringent budget while accommodating two individual families in close proximity. The layout of the house offers each family ample privacy while bring them together in the common area.

New living area open to the backyard

Skylights and a neutral color palette are a big part of the design here with the living area appearing a lot more spacious than it really is. This sense of visual freedom continues across the various rooms of the house, the stairway and even inside the attic workspace and studio. Raw steel that has been hand-polished with curing agents and pegboard surfaces bring in a touch of textural contrast as well even as the white background dominates throughout. Sophisticated and sensible, this family home does it all! [Photography: Fraser Marsden]

Modern budget St Kilda East House in suburbs of Melbourne
Heritage street facade of St Kilda East House
Classic interiors of the home with bookshelf and ample sitting space
Attic level studio and workspace rolled into one
Stairway of the house with skylights
Sleek and polished kitchen in wood and…

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