Brand New PaleOMG + Four Athletics Winter Apparel!

Brand New PaleOMG + Four Athletics Winter Apparel!

It’s that time again!! Time for new apparel with Four Athletics!! I’ve done 3 campaigns with Four Athletics so far and each one gets better than the last! The first campaign was floral leggings, the second campaign was all about the pocket ombre leggings, geo print and mesh, and the third campaign gave you guys a ton of different colors, prints and pieces to choose from. Well this round is all about warm-weather apparel. When creating this line with Four Athletics, I thought about what I wear the most come wintertime. And all my outfits in the winter include some sort of long sleeve to wear on top of my tank tops to the gym, leggings or joggers, and hoodies. I love me a hoodie.

But before I get into the 7 new pieces, let me give you a little breakdown about Four Athletics. When it comes to retail, the traditional model is costly, inefficient and in desperate need of innovation. Four Athletics set out to solve some of those problems. They use crowdfunding to match up supply and demand 100% of the time. They only make what is wanted once the campaign has ended, which eliminates waste, cuts out the middleman, and delivers a premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price. It’s more efficient, more responsible, and USA made!

And one of the best parts about Four Athletics is they care. Their customer service is a step above the rest and they are always listening to their customers. We continue to listen to everyone’s feedback from past campaigns and Four Athletics has spent countless hours sourcing fabrics, creating samples upon samples,…

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