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Brand New Four Athletics Activewear

It’s that time again!! Four Athletics x PaleOMG apparel is back with a vengeance. Some of you have been sending me photos in your Real Shine Apparel and you guys are looking gooooood! This time around we decided to change it up a bit with a different fabric than the last campaign, we added pockets to all three of the leggings (you guys asked for it!!), then we created more of a crop style sports bra! I love the crop style sports bra because then I can wear it with a pair of high waisted leggings and not feel completely naked in the gym HA!

In case you haven’t shopped with Four Athletics before, here’s a little background about them! Four Athletics created their USA made company by using a crowdfunding model to match up supply and demand 100% of the time. By doing this, they are able to eliminate waste, cut out the middleman and deliver an amazing premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price! With this model, once the campaign ends, the pieces will no longer be available and the number of orders will be printed then sent to you! Four Athletics ships USPS priority flat rate all over the world so any of you amazing people out there can get your hands on them!

Now let’s get to the new apparel!!

This is the new Crush Print pocket leggings and crop sports bra and it’s all about spring! Pastel blues, pinks and purples are mixed in with a navy to help the colors POP! The leggings are bra are both no-sheer, made from 78% polyester and 22% lycra, and have a seamless waistband. This crop sports bra comes with a scoop neckline, it gives you full…