Boots For Every Day of the Week this Fall

Boots For Every Day of the Week this Fall

Why is boot season simply the best?! Maybe because I get to ignore the fact that I need a pedicure and pretend that deep underneath my boots and socks lies beautiful feet. It’s a fun lie. It’s also probably because boots keep my unpedicured feet warm as hell. And that is much needed in the cold fall and winter months in Colorado. But finding the perfect pair of boots can be challenging. They are either comfortable and ugly or uncomfortable and beautiful. It’s hard to find something that fits my style while also fitting my feet. But luckily I have found the perfect fall boot that not only accentuates my style, but also keeps my feet happy and comfortable all day long! Hello SHAPE 35 Block Boot, I love you.

I’ve shared my love for ECCO shoes before in a previous post talking about their summer sandal line, but I think I may love their fall/winter boot line even more! ECCO has so many different styles to choose from when it comes to their boots. Whether you like a flat heel, a wedge bootie, a stylish boot, or just a pair of boots for trekking through the snow, ECCO has it all! And I can’t get enough of them since they are all so incredibly comfortable. ECCO pays close attention to every single detail when it comes to creating their shoes and they use amazing quality products to build each shoe that properly fits the foot. So anytime you put on a shoe made from ECCO, you are destined to have a good day since your feet will be protected, warm and happy as can be.

I recently snagged the SHAPE 35 Block Boot and I am in LOVE. This chic round-toe boot is…

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