Boot Camp Workouts – Get in Shape

Boot camp workouts are one of the most effective ways to lose fat and stay in shape. Most people who are aiming to get in shape opt for this type of routine because it does not only have you doing exercises outdoors, but you can do it at home as well. Some of the exercises don’t even require the use of sports equipment.

Below are the three stages of boot camp workouts:

The first thing to do prior to any workout is to do a total body warm up. This is important as it prepares the muscles and joints of your body for the workout session ahead. By doing warm ups, it gets your blood flowing and it makes working out so much easier.

After your warm up exercises, the next thing to focus on is strength. Because your muscles have not been used much during warm up exercises, your muscles have the strength for coordination and support for your main workout routine. During this stage of boot camp workouts, you can maximize the use of muscles to perform intense fitness strength trainings or workouts.

Once you are complete with the strength phase it is now time to move onto circuit training. During this phase of your workout program, you get a full body workout that gives you an excellent cardio and fat burning workout. This is essential because burning fats increases your metabolism that leads to losing weight faster. Some exercises you can include in your circuit training are squats and pushups. As your body gets used to this type of workouts, you can add resistance to body weight exercises.

There is much more to learn about boot camp workouts and different options that you can choose from. The main thing is to first make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared before starting any type of workout program.

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