Bold residence with few walls and ceilings by Fernanda Marques

Bold residence with few walls and ceilings by Fernanda Marques

Fascinating and courageously built, this next residence features a fantastic new way of enjoying nature in a home where ceilings don’t cover every room and walls seem to have been built only to offer carefully chosen places to mount furnishings and decorations.

Fernanda Marque, the designer who made this all possible, named the residence “Loft 24-7”. Built using a wide array of materials like limestone floors, rough stone walls, steel, glass or wood paneling, the residence showcases spaces that express the need to connect to nature, feel the breeze, enjoy the sky’s colours. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the residence displays a strong, interesting connection to its surroundings by the lack of usual walls and ceilings. All the seamlessly connected spaces in this spacious bungalow encourage what seems to be a growing interest of connecting to the surroundings.

I bet you would love to live in an open space like this and benefit from all the modern facilities, wouldn’t you?

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