Body Hair Removal

Body Hair Removal

Women love to show themselves in the summer: short shorts, barely revealing halter-tops, bathing attire, but for the woman who has thick underarm, leg, and arm hair, this can be a strenuous time.

Fortunately there a lot of solutions that were not available in the past and if they were available, they did not work as effectively as products do today. Take the standard name, long revered as one of the first depilatories—Nair. The Nair product from ten years ago did not remove a speck of dust let alone thick leg hair, but today the product works as good as any other on the market.

So depilatories are one solution, and they have truly evolved from the days when people were forced to stand with arms and legs outstretched, for at least 10 minutes, naked and covered in gook that stunk.
Fortunately today people no longer have to wait as long to wash the product off and the odor of bleach and rotten eggs is gone. Manufacturers are now using aromatic scents and soothing lotions such as aloe vera in their products, to make the whole hair removal thing a more enjoyable and faster experience.
The advantages to this method are the time factor—in 3 to 5 minutes the process is complete and the product is relatively painless, except for a slight burning sensation from the chemicals when applied to the skin.

In addition to depilatory products, there are other options. It is all about what the consumer can afford and the time he or she chooses to spend to be rid of unsightly body hair:

Shaving—the old time faithful method, is probably one of the best next to having it removed permanently, if one wants to take the time and inconvenience to do it. A new sharp double age razor is optimal for removing unwanted hair from the legs. It is not recommended for the arms or face; however, because where there was once soft hair, harsh stubble will grow instead—the hazard of the sharp blade. But as far as legs go, nubs efficiently slide off onto the blade, but only if one is prepared to go slow, continually rinse the blade, and maneuver in awkward positions either in the shower or outside the shower with one leg cocked on the edge of the tub. If one is willing to go through all that, then he or she will wind up with excellent results.

Laser Hair Removal, long touted to remove unwanted hair permanently, is the best choice, especially if the rigors of removing it yourself have proven old and tiresome. Never having to be bothered again with removing unwanted hair yourself is why many people opt for this procedure. This service is usually administered by a practitioner in a salon setting who, one hopes, has had training using the laser device, which basically burns the hair follicle at the root. The disadvantages include expense. The procedure can become costly depending on the amount of hair removed, and if the practitioner is inexperienced, he or she can leave his or her customer with painful burn marks.

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