Body Contouring Trends for This Year

Body Contouring Trends for This Year

Newark, NJ- There’s no doubt that plastic surgery has grown in acceptance and popularity over the last few decades, with the industry experiencing gains year over year. Over those decades the needs and wishes of plastic surgery patients have changed, forcing doctors who specialize in body contouring to develop new techniques and breast implants to better serve their patients.

One of the most often requested plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. is the breast augmentation. Since its inception, breast enhancement has constantly changed as doctors must meet market demands. Here are some breast augmentation trends to watch in 2013

Bigger is Not Always Better

There was a time when women believed the bigger their breasts the better; it wouldn’t be unusual for a petite woman to request a C or D cup. But now more women are learning that bigger is not always better and even though they have had a breast augmentation, their body is still subject to law of gravity. By the time a woman reaches her thirties her breasts, real or enhanced, will begin to sag and the bigger they are the more they gravity pulls at them.

Women are beginning to realize this and instead of going bigger, they are going for better, choosing smaller implants in C cups or fuller B cups, according to Marie Claire. Using 3-D imaging, plastic surgeons can show a prospective plastic surgery patient how they will look with larger breasts to give them a better vision of what their ideal breast size is.

Go Natural

There are many women who have considered a breast augmentation, but are cautious about having saline or silicone implants. To meet the demands of these natural gals plastic surgeons have developed a technique that allows fat from liposuction to be injected in the breasts. This technique allows for a full cup or a half a cup increase in breast size and combines two of the most common cosmetic enhancements in one procedure.

Fat transfer for breast enhancement has numerous benefits. For one it doesn’t require incisions like traditional implants, plus the patient’s breasts will feel more natural.

Improved Implants

Recently, the FDA just approved a new breast implant that looks and feels more like natural breasts. The so-called “gummy bear” or the Natrelle 410 implant manufactured by Allergan is made of a silicone that has the consistency of a solid gel, which gives them a natural feel. These new implants happen to be teardrop shaped, as the traditional round shape of other implants, so they look more like real breasts.

The high viscosity gel helps prevent some of rupturing problems observed with silicone breast implants in the past. In the U.S. the FDA limited the use of silicone implants over the danger they could rupture and cause serious health problems for the patient.

Breast augmentations and liposuction can drastically improve the way a person looks and how they feel about themselves. And thanks to clever doctors, these two techniques are continuously being improved to better serve the individuals who want to undergo these procedures.

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