Boathouse Project is Worth Living In

Boathouse Project is Worth Living In

The Boathouse project is a modern house near a lake designed by Winchester-based architectural design firm AR Design studio. The house is a contemporary week-end retreat situated in the Lower Mill Estate in the Costwolds hill range in West-Central England, UK. According to the architects, the concept behind designing the boathouse was a house that floats over the lake, and which serves as a vacation home, a serene retreat from day-to-day life.

The building comprises a 4-legged steel frame structure assembled on concrete piles sunk into the lake. By the looks of it, the home is highly contemporary in its construction and appearance, but traditional materials such as neural oak and slate are also used, that add a contrast to it. The overhanging roof gives plenty of shade on a hot summer day, and the huge expanse of the glass sliding panels provide splendid, endless and scenic views of the lake and its surroundings. Wouldn’t you like to live in such a place?

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