Black Twin Peaks Cottage Style Structure in the Rear Extends Aging Aussie Home

Black Twin Peaks Cottage Style Structure in the Rear Extends Aging Aussie Home

There are plenty of different ways in which aging homes can be given a smart new makeover. Often, the preferred choice is a rear extension that opens up into the rear yard and connect the interior with the world outside. But the Naremburn Twin Peaks Cottage designed by Benn & Penna Architecture take a completely different approach as it brings the charm of an old cottage to the modern setting. The old street façade of the suburban home in Sydney has been left untouched while the rear, upper level cottage-style additions add new bedrooms and private spaces.

New upper level extension of the house brings light and elegance to the house

The blend of the classic and the contemporary is truly smashing with the upper level addition in black ushering in ample additional space. The interior though embraces an entirely different color scheme with white and wood taking over the setting. Pops of black anchor an otherwise relaxing interior and a central shaft brings natural light into the open, double-height living area. Transition between the interior and the exterior is seamless as the cottage-themed extension offers natural shade for the patio below.

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New central shaft brings light into the aging house
Rear facade of the Naremburn Residence in Australia
Street facade of the Naremburn twin Peaks House in Australia
Two overhanging dark wood structures extend the old home in Australia
Upper level extension offers natural shade to those on the deck below
View of the open plan…

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