Before Hair Trasplant

Before Hair Trasplant

Before your hair transplant surgery, our patient care coordinator will give you a detailed list of instructions and keep in touch to make sure that you are strictly and correctly following the pre-operation of hair transplant steps mentioned in it.

This list will include guidance on:

  • How to perform the Scalp Stretch Exercises,
  • The appropriate length of hair to be maintained on the back your head from where donor grafts will be extracted or removed,
  • When to stop taking (supposing that you have been taking any)Rogaine, Minoxidil,
  • Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and any other herbal supplements,
  • Medications such as Aspirin or those containing Aspirin, Vitamin E.

As the day scheduled for your surgery nears your coordinator will be more actively in contact until one day before the surgery, she will confirm your appointment, and with that, she will ask you to stop taking Alcohol. She will also make sure if you have arranged for someone to take you to and from the clinic.

The final section in the list of instructions will be about dos and don’ts for the day of surgery, such as:

  • Do wash your hair in the morning using your regular shampoo
  • Do eat a light meal just before coming to the clinic
  • Do not wear tight clothing or a hat or cap that you need to pull tightly over your head
  • Be on time.
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