Beautiful Brooklyn Condo Drenched Delightful Pops of Color

Beautiful Brooklyn Condo Drenched Delightful Pops of Color

The many architectural styles emanating from New York have wowed people from all across the world for decades now and have been widely imitated in homes everywhere. Brooklyn is home to one such iconic design and decorating style and with its industrial vibe and modern appeal, any residence in this part of New York seems to combine the best of both worlds with ease! Designed by A. Jennison Interiors, this gorgeous Brooklyn Condo perfectly epitomizes this trend as it combines a neutral backdrop with a dash of industrial appeal with bright pops of color and creativity. Veering towards contemporary style, the interior feels both vibrant and relaxing at the same time.

Open metallic shelf in the corner is used as a lovely decorative piece

Large windows and glass doors are one of the defining features of homes in this region and you get this in here as well with a flood of natural light creating bright and cheerful living spaces. Step in further and you see the living area with its brilliant use of dark green and blue accents that come in the form of colorful throw pillows, accent chairs and captivating wall art. A curated collection of contemporary décor makes the setting even more sophisticated with the dining area, kitchen and other living spaces embracing this look.

Modern shabby chic bedroom in white with light pastel accents
Nightstand with classy bedside lamp saves space while adding functionality
Wallpaper in the backdrop makes sure the acrylic chairs disappear out of sight
White and gray bedroom with low ceiling and cozy textiles

The bedroom on…

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