Beautiful and Breezy Light Box Refreshes Classic Heritage Home in Melbourne

Beautiful and Breezy Light Box Refreshes Classic Heritage Home in Melbourne

Every heritage home needs a makeover at some point and when that time comes you want a balanced blend of the traditional and the modern, the existing and the new and a seamless transition between both the worlds. A recently renovated Californian bungalow in Melbourne, The Light Box points to the growing trend of turning to elegant glass and metal structures that provide contemporary extensions to classic homes. Of course, this means creating an entire new living area while turning the rooms of the existing structure into more private spaces – a task that Finnis Architects accomplish with ease and panache!

Exquisite and modern rear extension of heritage home with a glass and metal box

There is more to this smart makeover than just the rear addition with the weary and old heritage street façade of the house being give a sensible and stylish makeover. This breathes new life into the residence while preserving its timeless charm. The transition between the old and new is further aided by the use of a simple, neutral color palette while the metallic beams in black and the large glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows usher in some much needed contrast. Looking beyond the open living area, kitchen and dining, the front restoration and the smart bedrooms undoubtedly steal the show.

New and improved open plan living of the Melbourne home
New living area with glass walls and sliding glass doors completely opens up to the rear garden
Covered patio just outside the open living area and dining space
Lovely little window used as kitchen backsplash

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