Backyard House in Brisbane Opens up a Light-Filled Urban Nirvana

Backyard House in Brisbane Opens up a Light-Filled Urban Nirvana

Modern suburban homes are often characterized by a distinct lack of space both on the inside and outside. With space being an absolute premium, the idea of an expansive family home surrounded by a beautiful, natural landscape is a hard one to achieve, even if one manages to muster up the necessary economic resources. Buckling this trend and creating a relaxing and comfy oasis in the busy inner suburb of Teneriffe in Brisbane, Australia is the cheerful and dashing Backyard House designed by Joe Adsett Architects. The entrance to the house is concealed by natural greenery, even as the street façade of the residence combines flowing form with complete privacy.

Step inside and one sees a fusion of the dramatic and the understated, the grand and the minimalist as a large expansive living area is draped in a variety of finishes that add subtle contrast to the breezy space. The lower level of the house contains the living area, kitchen and dining space, and natural light from the top floor floods into this space thanks to a large, central opening. But that is not the only source of sunlight, as the living room transitions seamlessly into the outdoor living area, alfresco dining area, rear garden and pool deck. This effortless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces is what gives the Backyard House its distinct identity and ambiance.

Broad and unique street facade of the Backyard House draped in wood

Stackable folding doors open up the interior to the lovely landscape outside

Open and spacious design of contemporary Aussie home by Joe Adsett Architects

Eight person polished oak dining table next to the kitchen island

David Trubridge pendant lights bring contrast to the modren living space

Cheerful and open living area design that flows into the rear yard

Central double height dining area, living room and kitchen of the Backyard House

Polished oak, cedar and marble come together inside the gorgeous Backyard House

Different finishes used throughout the house include Western Red Cedar for smart decorative features, a splash of marble to spice up the kitchen island, polished oak that shapes the unmistakable dining table that sits…

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