Asbestos Exposure Attorneys Assisting People in Los Angeles

Asbestos Exposure Attorneys Assisting People in Los Angeles

Could I still be exposed to Asbestos in Los Angeles, California?

Despite many years of using Asbestos, the United States government finally recognized the dangers of asbestos exposure in the 1970’s. Once this asbestosis danger was recognized, the U.S. government developed federal laws to both regulate and restrict any further use of asbestos as either insulation or as a fire retardant. As the injuries began to escalate and more people were diagnosed with asbestosis, all asbestos products were banned in 1989. Prior to the banning of asbestos in Los Angeles, asbestos was also used in small appliances such as hair dryers, in baby powder and even plant soil. It was estimated that nearly 5,000 consumer products contained asbestos where it was very likely that asbestos exposure could have resulted from many products during a normal day while living in Los Angeles.

Asbestos was an industrial material used in many home products and commercial products. Unfortunately, this material has been determined to be one of the most lethal products widely used in American history, and despite these findings – asbestos is still widely used in other countries in a wide array of products. Asbestos is such a dangerous material because it can develop into mesothelioma. Additionally, the length of time that you were exposed to asbestos may effect the severity of your injuries and the stage of mesothelioma you are presently in.

Although all future asbestos products were banned, many buildings still contained asbestos and millions of people were potentially exposed to asbestos fibers. Asbestos still remains a danger when asbestos insulation is removed from buildings or replaced with other insulation. You should therefore be very careful anywhere you may be exposed to asbestos – and you should immediately contact an asbestos or mesothelioma lawyer to determine what legal cause of action you may have to recover compensation.

Asbestos Workplace Exposure

The most common asbestos exposure environment is the workplace for many blue-collar workers. Some of the trade professions which might endanger a worker to asbestos exposure includes boiler workers, construction workers, railroad engine workers, ship builders, and power plant workers. But some people may even be exposed to asbestos in their own Los Angeles homes if they are insulated with asbestos.

Easiest Asbestos Damages to Prove

Of all of the damages which you are seeking to recover for your Los Angeles exposure to asbestos, all out-of-pocket expenses are the easiest to prove and recover. Since the amount of your medical expenses and physical therapy is a tangible number, this number can be used during settlement negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and trial, if necessary. If you are interested in filing an asbestos exposure lawsuit, especially if it has resulted in your development of mesothelioma, you should contact our Los Angeles, California Asbestos lawyer who will seek to recover funds from the asbestos manufacturers as well as any other party who was directly associated with your exposure to asbestos.

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