Art, Romance and Incredible Views of Gibraltar: Exclusive Home in Gaucín

Art, Romance and Incredible Views of Gibraltar: Exclusive Home in Gaucín

The small mountaintop village of Gaucin in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain has a reputation of attracting artists and musicians from far and wide with its scenic landscape, breathtaking views and idyllic backdrop. It is barely a surprise then that the Single Family House For a Painter designed by DTR_Studio Architect offers the perfect refuge and a relaxing hangout for a renowned painter Joseba Sanchez Zabaleta. This stunning and serene contemporary residence blends in with the classic Spanish homes of the neighborhood thanks to its pristine white exterior, patio and a balcony that overlooks Strait of Gibraltar and Africa!

Apart from the undeniable Mediterranean charm of the home one also sees wonderful use of natural materials throughout the residence to create an elegant, comfortable vibe that is conducive to creative thinking. It is an open living area along with kitchen, dining space, additional bathroom and terrace that sit on the top level. The lower level holds the spacious painting studio that is filled with natural light, bedrooms and other utility spaces. Then there is the roof with its minimal terrace, small garden and a splendid pool that allows the homeowner to take the very best views that Gaucin has to offer.

A central atrium and additional patio bring light into the double height studio where there is ample wall space to display all the latest creations of Joseba Zabaleta. Dreamy, dashing and inviting, this is an absolute dream home for anyone who wants to delve into thrilling world of Gaucin. [Photography: Cristina…

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