an Idyllic Winter Escape That Stands on Recycled Gas Pipes

an Idyllic Winter Escape That Stands on Recycled Gas Pipes

It is easy to comprehend the reason behind most modern cabins in snowy landscapes literally ‘sitting on stilts’. It makes for a stylish, sleek and modern structure that combines practicality with amazing views of the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. The fabulous Pole House in Manitoba, Canada is pretty similar to this popular template, as it stands on a limestone lot next to Lake Winnipeg. Designed by DIN Projects, the metal base of the cabin is anchored deep into the limestone below to ensure stability, even as the use of recycled gas pipes for this base gives the cabin an industrial sheen.

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Step inside, and one finds an entirely different picture, with exposed wooden surfaces and plywood sheets shaping a getaway that is inviting, warm and elegant. Public spaces of this fabulous retreat sit on the lower levels, with the top floors containing the bedrooms. It is an arrangement that offers both privacy and the best possible views from every room of the cabin. The rectangular form of the cabin, its understated design and perfect form improve the insulation and ensure that no heat is lost during the cold winter months.

Pole House in Canada next to Lake Winnipeg

Stylish and modern Pole House sits on recycled gas pipes

Snow-covered forest drapes the comfy modern cottage

Ergonomic modern hideaway next to Lake Winnipeg in Canada

Plywood sheathing gives the interior a warm, cozy interior to the cabin

A wooden staircase connects the multiple levels of this smart cabin that is both easy on the eyes and on nature, thanks to its minimal footprint. A perfect way to recapture the Holiday Season as you enjoy the last few weeks of winter ahead.

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Floor plan of the Pole House by DIN Projects

Structure of the Pole House anchored into the bedrock of the lot

Different elevations of the Pole House in Canda

Comfy wood and metal cabin in the woods next to Lake Winnipeg

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