Amazing Social Guest House: Koby Cottage in Michigan

Amazing Social Guest House: Koby Cottage in Michigan

Koby Cottage, designed by Garrison Architects and located in Albion, Michigan, is a fascinating modern guest house almost completely visually linked to the surrounding landscape and water surface nearby. Created for families to use while visiting their children at Starr Commonwealth, a nonprofit organization in Michigan, the Koby Cottage welcomes families around a centrally situated dining room table flanked by two diagonal intersecting axes.

On one side, the bedrooms and bathrooms offer privacy, while the other side is occupied by the public entry hall and living room that runs through the building reaching the living room. The views captured through the living room’s glass wall are a natural substitution for a TV, taking the unnecessary energy spent on shows and news and turning it into a deep relaxation in the company of family and the natural elements captured in the scenery beyond the wood-framed interior.

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