After Hair Transplantation

After Hair Transplantation

After the completion of your Hair Transplantation we will place a protective bandage dressing on your head. This serves the purpose of gentle compression to minimize any oozing and also to protect the implanted hair from rubbing against any other object.

On the third day you are allowed to gently shampoo your hair, making sure you do not rub your scalp aggressively. There may be some swelling at this point around the eyes and in the forehead area, which will subside in the next couple of days.

In about a week’s time you will be very comfortable particularly with the FUE technique which usually takes about five days for you to feel normal and ready to resume your day to day activities. Even with the strip method one week is enough to feel very comfortable.

With the strip method the sutures are removed in about eight to ten days while there are no stitches in the FUE method. At this point you will notice that the implanted hairs have begun to fall off. This is just normal as the implanted hair shafts fall off and the roots of the hairs or follicles remain. These follicles take their time and begin to grow after three to four months.

Some patients may notice a temporary loss of existing hair. This is known as “Telogen effluvium” and the lost hairs grow again after a period of three to four months.

After the initial two visits which take place with the first ten days of the procedure, your next visit is about six weeks later.

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