Affordable & Stylish Fall Work Attire

Affordable & Stylish Fall Work Attire

I’m always asking people on my website and social media what they want to see more of. And when I reached out on instagram stories recently, a handful of people asked for more affordable clothing. And even though 90% of the items I purchase are under $100, I decided to push it a little farther to see where I could find beautiful style all in one place while saving as much as possible along the way. And I think I’ve found the perfect place. Because guess what? This entire outfit cost me just a little over $100 but I also saved over $100 all thanks to the amazing deals at JCPenney.

Something I hear from my sister-in-law regularly is how hard it is to find cute and stylish work attire, especially at an affordable price. Because let’s face it – work is only a small piece of our lives so most of us don’t want to spend our entire paycheck on those items we only wear so often. And even though my work attire is usually pajamas or workout clothes, I still understand what she’s going through. So today it’s all about finding outfits for work that make you feel amazing, that are outside the normal boring work attire box, and that save you as much as possible so you can use that money for more fun things…like food and cocktails. Duh.

PaleOMG Affordable & Stylish Fall Work Attire

Since the weather seems to be quite hesitant about changing with the fall months, it’s a great time to pull some warm-weather feels into your fall attire. Which pretty much just means have fun with your look! Mix some pops of color and different patterns with muted pieces and staple items. At JCPenney, it’s easy to…

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