Activewear That Gives Back (+special discount for you!)

Activewear That Gives Back (+special discount for you!)

My life consists mostly of living in activewear and eating too much food. Especially while in Charleston. Charleston knows how to make a delicious meal. Actually…LOTS of delicious meals. Luckily I had my latest Girlfriend Collective activewear with me to stretch around all the tasty snacks we were constantly consuming throughout the day. If I lived in South Carolina, this would be my only outfit of choice. I don’t think I could even have jeans in my closet. The humidity doesn’t mess around in the South.

But the main reason I love wearing Girlfriend Collective since I started trying it out a couple months ago is because it’s made from trash. Straight up. Girlfriend Collective tops, bras, leggings and shorts are all made from recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets! And when you put on the clothing, you would absolutely never know. It’s so soft, so stretchy and so breathable! They believe the best fashion is not about trends – it’s about quality. Which is why they focus on humane manufacturing, meticulous design, and sustainable materials. Girlfriend Collective has set out to create a community of people who care about every step of the process, especially the process of leaving the world better than it was before.

PaleOMG - Activewear That Gives Back

In Taiwan (once known as Garbage Island) there are around 23 million people. This obviously causes an overwhelming amount of trash in such a small place. And at some point, the government decided to stop ignoring the issue of trash and started pushing for recycling as much as possible, in turn leading their country to become the world…

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