Acoustics Trump Aesthetics in this New York Home by Bates Masi Architect

Acoustics Trump Aesthetics in this New York Home by Bates Masi Architect

How often have you come across a home designed to offer the perfect acoustics? Sure, we all ponder it while designing the home theater, media room or even a more modest TV room. But what about the rest of the house? Nestled in Amagansett, New York and designed by Bates Masi Architects, the truly exceptional Elizabeth II provides a captivating answer to that question. This is a house that is dictated by top-notch acoustic and quality, and those who crafted it spent considerable time researching architectural acoustics and the specific solutions that would work in this busy, and at times frantic, resort town.

The result is something that captivates you instantly with a series of thick, parallel concrete walls creating a smart and stylish family home where privacy is coupled with an air of peacefulness. The series of walls grow progressively taller as they move outward, with those forming the peripheral keeping out almost all the outside noise. Add to this the distinct presence of wide cedar board siding that is literally ‘stapled on’ using custom stainless steel clips, and you have a home that does everything it can to ensure that the open living area is detached from the constant hustle and bustle outdoors.

Sliding glass walls and doors bring contrast to the exclusive Elizabeth II

Open living area of the elegant private residence in Amagansett

Wide cedar board siding becomes a part of the interior at this acoutically sound New York home

Walls clad in cedar board siding and held together using custom stainless steel clips at the New York Residence

Custom floating vanity and sink for the contemporary master bathroom

The use of stainless steel clips was a masterstroke that helps the architects to use the cedar boards without having to worry about damage over time due to seasonal expansion and contraction of wood. Using these cool clips allowed them to leave enough of a space between the boards to account for this, even while giving the walls a hint…

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