Aaptiv x PaleOMG Get Strong Challenge – 7 Days, 7 Workouts, 7 Recipes

Aaptiv x PaleOMG Get Strong Challenge – 7 Days, 7 Workouts, 7 Recipes

You guyyyyyys! I’m so excited to announce my partnership with Aaptiv. If you haven’t listened to my podcast yet, you may have missed me chatting all about them. Well, Aaptiv is changing the fitness game and making it possible for anyone and everyone to get fit and become happier and healthier! Aaptiv is a fitness app that brings together the voice of an elite trainer, walking you through the workout of your choice! They have all kinds of different workouts to choose from including yoga, marathon training, spinning, strength training, stretching, elliptical, and a ton of others. And you can pick your workouts based on your fitness level or you can try out one of their monthly challenges. They even have a maternity program! And while the trainer is walking you through your workout, you also get to listen to amazing music throughout. It’s pretty awesome.

Instead of having to download videos or use the DVD player that no one even has anymore, you can simply listen on your phone. So that means you can workout in your basement or living room or at the gym or in your hotel gym while you’re traveling. Aaptiv makes it so easy for you to get fit and stay fit! And since I’ve been working with them for almost 6 months and have fallen in love with their  mission, I wanted to work with them in even more ways. And they came up with the coolest challenge to get you guys moving, eating better and getting healthier in 7 short days!

I’m excited to announce the Aaptiv x PaleOMG Get Strong Challenge which begins on Monday June 19th and goes for 7 days. Here’s what…

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