8 Skin Care Tips to Avoid Getting Dry Skin

If the eyes are the windows of a woman’s soul, then her skin is probably the next important criterion for attraction to the opposite sex. And this is the reason why the skin becomes the focal point in assessing a woman’s beauty.

Having a beautiful, clean and clear skin is every woman’s dream. But not all are naturally blessed with this fortune so caring for the skin is both an aesthetic and health decision.

The desire to look and feel most beautiful inside and out starts now! To guide women and men, too with the proper thing to do when faced with dry skin, here are several tips to keep this type of skin from bugging us.

Bathe just long enough to cleanse yourself. Long baths with soap and water can cause skin to become excessively dry. Take a bath or shower only once a day. It’s enough!
Use warm water. It’s not as drying as hot water.
Use hands to gently lather in circles. Do not scrub your skin with a brush or harsh sponge.
Pat yourself dry with a soft towel. Do not rub yourself dry.
Exercise. It increases the flow of nourishing blood and oxygen to the skin, which results in a healthy glow.
Drink lots of water. The upper layer of your skin is about 10 percent water, while the deepest layers of the skin are close to 60 percent water.
Get your “beauty sleep.” Loss of sleep and fatigue can slow your circulation and impede delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.
Eat a balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, and fiber provide fluids and important nutrients to your skin.
The skin is more aggravated with the effects of pollution but it also depends on the age, history (skin and healthy) and of course, lifestyle. Many people who have had exposure to the sun have the driest skin.

Following this beauty regimen religiously, it is best to include a reliable product that will become part of your beauty skin care.

Always keep your skin well moisturized. Actually, the best time to apply moisturizers is right after bathing, while the skin is still damp. This helps lock in moisture .

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