30 Magical Wood Cabins to Inspire Your Next Off-The-Grid Vacay

30 Magical Wood Cabins to Inspire Your Next Off-The-Grid Vacay

A vacation in the woods is always a magical experience. The peacefulness of the nature and the sense of being away from our fast-paced life is refreshing, but one thing that truly makes the experience what it is, is staying in a wood cabin. The rustic and rural style makes us feel cozy and in touch with the natural elements, truly bringing out the magic of the forest setting. If you need to indulge in some wood cabin inspiration, take a look at these wonderful 30 wood cabins before you plan your next vacay!

Simplicity in the Design

In the heart of the forest, a low cabin that extends in length is illuminated with yellow lights, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that draws you in and makes you feel at home.

Simplicity is definitely a strong element in the classic wood cabin design. The exterior is very basic and familiar, a complete opposite of modern design concepts where dynamic is always somehow in play.

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Wood cabins are often of a smaller size but when you find a bigger cabin you will clearly see that it doesn’t lose any of its coziness and security. It’s just a supersized version of a log cabin, ready to be enjoyed in the middle of the natural setting.

Even the simplest cabin can have a unique element that makes it memorable and significant. This adorable tiny cabin has two tiny hearts engraved onto the window shutters and it creates an incredibly meaningful exterior.

Wood cabins sure have a similar design but each and every one of them is unique in…

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