3 Different Weddings – 3 Different Looks!

3 Different Weddings – 3 Different Looks!

On my agenda the next two months: Weddings. Weddings are pretty popular come the end of summer and into fall. The weather is usually reliable, the landscape is beautiful and people usually don’t have anything else going on, so you’ll get the best attendance…and more presents. It’s quite a smart move.

For me, that gives me an excuse to play dress up! In the next month or so, I have a super laid back wedding that will have food trucks and a legit DJ playing house music all night long. I also have a more traditional wedding in the mountains. These two weddings were actually the inspiration behind this post! And for these two weddings, there is no way I would wear the same look. No way, Jose! One of the weddings, I will be a little funkier and the other I will tone it down a bit. But at both weddings, I want to feel my best!

I know, I know, it’s all about the bride. But don’t act like you don’t think about how good you want to feel that day, too. Come on. Be real with me here.

This post is all about feeling your best on your friends special day, no matter what kind of event it is. Maybe it’s a wedding that starts in a church then has a reception outside under a tent in a big garden. Or maybe it’s a laid back wedding that is in a funky art district warehouse, with food trucks pulling up and music all night. OR maybe you’re going to one of those super fancy, black tie weddings that has an orchestra and all sorts of hors d’oeuvres and glasses of expensive champagne all night long. Whatever the occasion is, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress…

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