$250 Shopping Spree Splits59 Giveaway!

$250 Shopping Spree Splits59 Giveaway!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, huh? IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, JULI! I was doing weekly giveaways for a while there leading up to the release of my newest cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and haven’t had time for lately. Until now!! You may remember when I did a giveaway with Splits59 last year and since over 5,000 of you got excited about that giveaway, Splits59 was so gracious to offer to do another one this year! So cool. I love them.

I’ve been sporting Splits59 gear for a while now and have loved it! Their Ashby Tanks and Nova Capris have become staples in my day-to-day workout apparel. The pants and capris are breathable and I don’t end up getting the frightening butt sweat when I’m post workout on the couch. That’s pretty crazy when I’m wearing bright blue pants and don’t have sweat marks after a CrossFit workout, in 100 degree weather, in a gym with no air conditioning. Love it.

And they’ve recently came out with some super cool tights. The Tendu Tight in the Wet Grey has silicon grips on the stirrups so you won’t slip if you do barre or yoga workouts. And the stirrups are popular with runners as well. Neither of which I do. But I do love wearing them around the house in the winter when I’m cooking all day and don’t want to be sliding around on my wood floors while tossing a skillet. The new “wet grey” fabric gives it a glossy edgy look that’s super lean and flattering too! Check these out!

These new Nova Capris below are so freaking cool. I wasn’t sure about them when I ordered them because I was…

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